Anna McNay

Beyond Other Horizons

Contemporary painting made in Britain and Romania

An exhibition based on ideas in Paul Celan’s poem Mapesbury Road
Iași Palace of Culture, Romania, 1-15 June 2020
Curated by Peter Harrap, Anna McNay and Florin Ungureanu

Beyond Other Horizons is an exhibition brought together by artist curator Peter Harrap; writer and curator Anna McNay; and artist Florin Ungureanu, and funded by the Romanian Cultural Institute. A British Council symposium, in partnership with “George Enescu”, National University of the Arts Iași, will be held on 3rd March, from 12-2pm, and a private view on the same day at 6pm. Nigel Bellingham from the British Council will open the exhibition.

Between 14th and 15th April 1968, the Romanian-born, German-language poet and translator Paul Celan wrote a verse, entitled Mapesbury Road, while staying with his aunt, a few streets away in north London. The poem, which he described as a ‘walking and a walked-up poem’, encapsulates his visit, but also brings together significant events from the time: the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr (4th April 1968) and the attempted assassination of the German Marxist sociologist and a political activist Rudi Dutschke in Berlin (11th April 1968), both episodes involving bullets to the head.

In this groundbreaking exhibition, 80 artists take us on a journey through the three main themes within the poem, walking, language and Otherness/the surreal.

British Artists

Emma Biggs, Day Bowman, Marius Von Brasch, Julian Brown, Judith Burrows, Simon Burton, Louise Cattrell, Simon Carter, Deb Covell, Susie Hamilton, Marcelle Hanselaar, Peter Harrap, Marguerite Horner, Barbara Howey, Phil King, Natasha Kissell, Matthew Krishanu, Katya Kvasova, Liane Lang, David Mabb, Enzo Marra, Alex McIntyre, Kate Montgomery, Suzanne Moxhay, Sarah Needham, Mandy Payne, Tom Palin, Andrew Palmer, Narbi Price, Ruth Philo, Freya Purdue, Shereen Rahwangi, Fiona Robinson, Greg Smart, Mike Stoakes, Harriet Tarlo, Judith Tucker, Sean Williams, Simon Woolham, Vicky Wright.

Romanian Artists

Felix Aftene, Cristian Alexii, Beatrice Anghelache, Vlad Aurel, Ana-Maria Barb, Marius Barb, Matei Bejenaru, Arina Bican, Mateias Bogdan, Bianca Boros, Radu Carnariu, Gabriela Drinceanu, Sabin Drinceanu, Sabina Drinceanu, Valentina Drutu, Liviu Epuras, Kristian Evju, Gheorghe Fikl , Julian Fron, Daniela Grapa, Róbert Köteles, Manuell Manastireanu, Ciprian Macovei, Cosmin Paulescu, Virgil Parghel, Ana Petrovici- Popescu, Sever Petrovici-Popescu, Sorin Purcaru, Flavia Pitis, Rodica Postolache, Laurian Popa, Mircea Roman, Diana Serghuitã, Cristian Sida, Atena-Eleana Simionescu, Ile Stefi, Liviu Suhar, Ondina Oana Turturica, Cristian Ungureanu, Florin Ungureanu, Florentina Voichi, Mihail Voicu, Mihai Zgondoiu.