Anna McNay

Review of Anna Ray: Fibre and Form at St Albans Museum + Gallery


Anna Ray: Fibre and Form

St Albans Museum + Gallery, Weston Gallery

26 November 2021 – 17 April 2022

I hadn’t been to a museum or gallery for 21 months, so whatever I saw first was bound to have an impact, but boy did Anna Ray’s Fibre and Form, at St Albans Museum + Gallery, pack its punches! I was there off duty, so to speak, to take part in a therapeutic workshop, and, during the lunch break, I wandered downstairs, just out of curiosity, and was met with a wonderland of brightly coloured loops and threads, phallic tentacles, silk chains, tangles, knots and flowers. Talk about therapy! It was as if I had stepped into a parallel universe – one free of all Covid-related cares; through the looking glass; through the back of the wardrobe; or through the curtain – take your pick.


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