Anna McNay

Q: Jason Wilsher-Mills

Summer 2021

Interview with Jason Wilsher-Mills

Born in 1969, Jason Wilsher-Mills developed chronic polyneuropathy, a neurological disease that affects the blood cells, at the age of 11, which, for five years, left him paralysed from the neck down and still affects his mobility today. Following a period of remission, in which he studied fine art and made paintings, Wilsher-Mills bought himself an iPad and began using technology to help him make large-scale – often inflatable – sculptures and work employing augmented reality (AR). The fibreglass sculpture I Am Argonaut, commissioned for this year’s Creative Folkestone Triennial, is installed opposite the town’s statue of William Harvey (1578-1657), the Royal Physician credited with the first description of the human circulatory system.


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