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Interview with Gijs Van Vaerenbergh


Interview: Gijs Van Vaerenbergh

Gijs Van Vaerenbergh is an architectural and artistic duo comprising Arnout Van Vaerenbergh and Pieterjan Gijs, both of whom were born in 1983, in Leuven, Belgium. As part of this year’s Triennial Bruges, they have created a labyrinthic pavilion, Colonnade, comprising steel columns, set at awkward and intriguing angles, posing a puzzle for the visitor who seeks to walk through. The work is sited in the Baron Ruzettepark, where the columns echo the surrounding tree trunks, as well as suggesting a deep, dense forest, which provides the link to the triennial’s theme of TraumA.

The artists spoke to Studio International via Zoom about Colonnade, how their architectural background informs their practice, and various other international projects they have on the go.


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