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Display: #Outcome LGBT Portrait Project by Tom Dingley


Display: #Outcome

LGBT Portrait Project

Tom Dingley

“When I was coming out,” recalls photographer Tom Dingley,
“I was repeatedly challenged because I didn’t quite fit the stereotype. People
would ask me if I was sure.”

Dingley’s photographic project #Outcome has the dual aim of
breaking down these stereotypes by showing that there are LGBT people in all
walks of life, doing all sorts of things, while also giving young people hope
that “it gets better”. His portraits show LGBT people with some attribute of
their job or daily adult life, holding a photograph of themselves as a child.

“Having the child photo seemed a good way of showing the
transition from being a young person to being an adult. That bit in the middle
is different for everyone – some people have it fairly easy, others not at all
– but the point is that everyone gets through it and you can be someone and do
something with your life.”

Dingley has successfully reached his first target of 50
portraits and will be exhibiting as part of both London and Brighton Pride. He
is now aiming for 100 portraits and would then like to do a book. He also hopes
to use the photographs for pop-up exhibitions in schools. The project is
growing and Dingley would like more people to volunteer to be photographed –
especially women – so get in touch and help celebrate the diversity of our LGBT


LGBT Portrait Project

Tom Dingley


[email protected]

#Outcome with Pride in London

New Bloomsbury Set

22 June – 28 July 2015


Brighton Jubilee Library

17 July – 10 August 2015

To see the full portfolio and enjoy the images, please see the July 2015 print issue of DIVA magazine