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Interview with Roxana Halls


Interview: Roxana Halls

Roxana Halls: Unknown Women

Hill Gallery

5-30 May 2015 

Fifteen years ago, painter Roxana
Halls (born 1974) walked into a disused theatre – now a bingo hall – in
Streatham, south west London, and asked if they had a space in which she could
make her studio. She was in luck and moved in to the old Bavarian Buffet at the
top of the building. A little later, she upgraded to the Saloon Bar, where she
still works today, surrounded by her collections of costumes and acquired
theatrical paraphernalia. There is a strong element of performance in her work
– and not just in the more explicit Cabaret series, or Roxana Hall’s Tingle-Tangle,
which she produced for the National Theatre. Her paintings depict women,
usually in some borderland, some liminal zone
– balancing, juggling, or, in her latest series, Unknown Women, about to be
shown at Hay Hill Gallery, London, with their faces concealed.

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