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Portfolio: Jeanne Mammen


Portfolio: Jeanne Mammen

“I have always wanted to be just a pair of eyes, walking
through the world unseen, only to be able to see others.”

Born in Berlin, brought up in the well-to-do Parisian suburb
of Passy, and educated in art in Paris, Brussels and Rome, German painter and graphic
artist Jeanne Mammen (1890-1976) returned to
Berlin in her mid-twenties, where she set up a small studio at Kurfürstendamm
29. She lived and worked here for over 50 years, providing for herself by
selling her illustrations to fashion and satirical magazines. She was never
without her sketchbook and especially liked to draw women, whom she portrayed
in a gentle and understanding way, poignantly depicting them in their social

Further information
about Jeanne Mammen can be obtained at the website, or
contact Cornelia Pastelak-Price at the Förderverein of the
Jeanne-Mammen-Stiftung e.V., e-mail: [email protected]

To read the rest of this portfolio and to enjoy the images, please see the February 2015 print issue of DIVA magazine