Anna McNay

Review of Erica Scourti: So Like You at the University of Brighton Gallery


Erica Scourti: So
Like You

University of
Brighton Gallery

4 October – 2
November 2014

The Photographers’

3 October – 3
December 2014

With the explosion of smartphones and apps and
websites such as Instagram, tumblr and flickr, suddenly everybody is a
photographer. Not only that, but our once private snapshots of friends and
family, children growing up, weddings, christenings and other special – and
even mundane – occasions, are now, unless you are clever enough to fully comprehend
privacy settings, fair game for anyone searching the internet. Athens-born,
London-based artist Erica Scourti, who works with the mediation of personal
experience through networked space, using video, writing and performance, has
begun to ask some pertinent questions: How can a creative individual be
recognised as unique, when Instagram has made everyone’s photographs look the
same? What value has a snapshot once it’s uploaded and absorbed into a larger
‘cloud’ of image data?

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