Anna McNay

Portfolio: Faggettes


Portfolio: Faggettes

Faggettes (a play on the terms “suffragettes” and “faggot”)
has been making art for as long as she can remember, but it was arriving at
university and meeting her first girlfriend, who was studying gender studies at
the time, that made her interested in creating feminist LGBT art. Soon after,
she abandoned oil paint, finding instead that digital imagery suited her needs
and offered, what she calls, a “certain trashy, contemporary and commercial
quality” relevant to her themes. “I want to capture images we see day to day
within our lives and put them into a queer feminist context,” she says. “I take
images from the LGBT community but also images from perceived notions of what
the LGBT community is. I have used ‘lesbian’ porn images straight from the
internet to demonstrate my point. I like to think I challenge what the public
perceive lesbians to be – a re-appropriation of images.”

“Dykes on Bikes” was recently used to front the relaunch
of Club Lesley, Twat Boutique’s sister night at Dalston Superstore. “Collage
work is very popular at the moment,” she says. “The trashier and camper the
better, so it seems.” Her work is also included in “Anthology”, published by
the Cambridge feminist ‘zine, “Gender Agenda”. The book is for sale in
Cambridge only, but there’s a copy in the Feminist Library in London, and one
can be sent to you directly by mailing:
[email protected]

Follow Faggettes on twitter at: @faggettes

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