Anna McNay

Review of Maripaz Jaramillo: Ellas at Sandra Higgin’s Art Salon


Maripaz Jaramillo:

Sandra Higgin’s Art
Salon, Apt. 3, 46 Harcourt Terrace, London SW10 9JR

27 May – 20 June 2014

Vibrant, buzzing and sensual, Maripaz Jaramillo’s close up
portraits of women in the throes of passion, dancing, laughing and being happy,
are pure celebration: celebration of being women, celebration of being happy,
celebration of the simple joys of life. Living and working in her native
Colombia, amidst much political unrest as the elections drag on and war and
peace hang in the balance, Jaramillo wants her work to represent happiness and
the positive side of her country, which, according to a recent study, has one
of the happiest populations in the world. “Our country is full of people
dancing,” Jaramillo explains. “The politicians are killing one another, but the
people don’t care. They’re just dancing. If you go to a concert, they get up in
the aisles and are all dancing. They dance, they eat well, and they are happy.
That’s what I take for my work.”

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