Anna McNay

Book review of Cat Garcia: Our Time


Our Time

By Cat Garcia

Hardback, 250 pages

ISBN 9780992821708

Published by Cat Garcia

£35 retail

Creativity spans a broad spectrum of means and forms,
or, as Cat Garcia notes, in the foreword to her new, self-published
photographic collection, Our Time: ‘Creativity
will not be pinned down.’ Accordingly, the book, which presents photographs of
creatives, each of whom Garcia and her camera spent a day with, includes a
range of 60 well-known (and some less well-known) artists, designers,
illustrators, editors, performers, photographers, writers, musicians, florists
and, well, anyone for whom ideas serve as currency. The photographs are at once
private and public.
They do not pander to celebrity magazine format,
with close up airbrushed photo shoot portraits, posed, refined and painstakingly
selected; nor are they
paparazzi snapshots, happenstance, hasty and
intrusive. They capture their subjects at work, on their way to work, on their
coffee breaks. They capture the people and places and objects which inspire
their all important ideas.

They capture moments of inspiration and contemplation;
aspects of character, every bit as much a signature of the artist as a sweep of
the pen (or brush).

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