Anna McNay

Review of Loudest Whispers 2014 at the Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital


Loudest Whispers 2014

The Conference
Centre, St Pancras Hospital

10 February – 10
April 2014

Now in its fifth year, Loudest Whispers is an annual LGBT
art exhibition, curated by Peter Herbert, hosted by the Conference Centre at St
Pancras Hospital, and run in association with Camden LGBT Forum and LGBT
History Month. Clearly it is a formula which works, and this year’s show is
stronger than ever. With its usual mix of painting, drawing, collage,
photography, sculpture, textiles and clay work, this year branches out to
include crochet, hand stitched leaves and even a suit made out of hormone injection
packaging (the latter two works by perennial exhibitor Simon Croft, who readily
admits to taking from his engineering past a love for testing the limits of new

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