Anna McNay

Review of Club Photos: London x Paris at Dog Eared Gallery


Club Photos: London x

Alisa Gallery @ Dog
Eared Gallery, 25-28 Field Street, WC1X 9DA

17 October – 17
November 2013

At the end of an uninviting alleyway, behind Kings Cross,
lies a large warehouse, now HQ to a collective of independent filmmakers and
artists known as Dog Eared Films. On the first floor of this building is a
part-time gallery space, currently home to Alisa Gallery, and showing some 30
photographs by young artists from London and Paris. Presented as documentary,
in the styles of Larry Clark, Gus Van Sant and Nan Goldin, really they are little
more than enlarged party snaps. Either way, they are certainly a portrait of a
generation: the Instagram generation. As one of the exhibitors, Hannibal
Volkoff, notes: ‘Lived exhibitionism is the new moment.’

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