Anna McNay

Review of Brush It In at Flowers Kingsland Road


Brush It In

Group Show curated by
Lorenzo Durantini

Flowers, 82 Kingsland

26 October – 22 December 2012 (extended run)

The title is both the key to and the stumbling block of this
group exhibition, curated by Lorenzo Durantini, currently on show at Flowers,
Kingsland Road. “Brush it in” is a colloquial expression for a wide variety of
post-production alterations which can be carried out on digital photographs,
but it is perhaps somewhat misleading given that most of the works in this show
have not actually been manipulated post-production at all. Rather, they explore
and exploit the realms of what would or could be done using Photoshop or other
similar techniques, instigating, in the words of Durantini, “the beginnings of
a post-Photoshop engagement with photography, [whereby] photographic
manipulation as a physical wet process becomes digital and immaterial only to
be re-materialised as physical and sculptural interventions.”

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